About - MetalRelic - Welded Metal Art Decor and Industrial Sculptures

If you can dream it, I can make it out of scrap metal.

Welcome to Metal Relic!  I have always enjoyed creating different things as well as fixing whatever breaks.  I have finally found the creative outlet that allows me to share my creations.  There have  been many exciting sales all over the world from small orders to large.  I want you to enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them and as always customer service is one of the top priorities.   If there is anything you are looking for and you think that I can help in any way, do not be afraid to ask.  I will be as accommodating as possible and will always be professional and respectful.  

We MiG weld using an ESAB Rebel 215ic and the Sentinel Helmet, both are top notch products that I highly recommend checking out.

We are located in Peckville, Pennsylvania and everything is made in the USA.  All the materials we use are recycled and have been saved from the scrap yards and landfills.

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