The Tools of the Trade.


    I try to always use the right tools for the job and I have owned some very inferior products throughout the years.  I have finally decided it was time to kick Metal Relic into high gear and really get to work.  Recently, I've had the opportunity to get my hands on the Rebel EMP 215ic and the ESAB Sentinal A50 welding hood.  I want to brag a little bit about both as they have made my job so much easier and believe me when I tell you that these products are awesome.  I'm currently running the welder at 120v and using ESAB filler material as well.  The gas mix is 75% Argon / 25 CO2 which all together creates some pretty clean welds and works very well for this setup.  Most of the welds I do are tacks and this setup is absolutely perfect for it.  The reason I use it on the MiG setting and not TiG is honestly the efficiency factor of not needing a third arm.  I'm pretty comfortable holding the part and welding it on with the other hand while the vise holds it the part I am welding to.


     This is one bad ass little machine.  It comes with the setup to run on 120v or 230v and with that kind of versatility, this means you can weld just about anywhere.  This multi-process little monster can do MiG, Flux-Cored, Stick or TiG!    The display is all digital and there is even a sMiG function.  The Smart MiG function learns and adapts to your welding technique to assist by providing a stable arc and adjusting itself!


ESAB EMP 215ic Welder.


     The Sentinal welding hood from ESAB makes you feel like you are getting strapped into a fighter jet about to go save the world.  The streamlined compact shell design means working in small spaces is a lot easier than using a traditional bulky helmet.  To keep this bad boy on your head, ESAB utilizes something called "HALO headgear" and it means it.  This thing is comfortable and feels like it's floating.  The helmet also came with a bunch of replacement lenses and an ESAB doo rag. 


ESAB Sentinal A50 Welding Hood.


     All in all, I am extremely happy with the Welder and the Hood.  Thank you ESAB for making such great products and I am proud to use your products!