DudeIWantThat.com featuring Metal Relic: October 9th, 2021

Metal Relic was featured on www.DudeIWantThat.com!  Thank you for the cool writeup which you can see below!


"Jeremy Werkheiser of MetalRelic gives scrap metal new life, and roses immortal life, with his miniature and full-size welded steel art sculptures. Home decor pieces and art relics range from the replica 27" Euro Mount Deer Sculpture, shown above, to OOAK electric guitar models, to desktop-friendly scrap metal motorcycles, bulldozers, and furry friends.

Well, would-be furry friends. With the MetalRelic treatment, they're more like hard and nubby friends.

Werkheiser's handmade immortal roses also stem (heh, heh) from recycled metal, and are sold singly or in bouquets, as well as your choice of a raw finish, or painted with colorful, lustrous petals."