Meet the Artist!

My name is Jeremy Werkheiser, the creator and Welding Artist of Metal Relic. I was born in Northeastern Pennsylvania in 1980. Growing up in the country, I always loved to make, build, and repurpose things using my imagination.

I created Metal Relic from my home studio on nights and weekends while working full-time as an Industrial Maintenance Manager. While I have no formal training in the arts, I have had amazing mentors who helped me develop my skills, encouraged me to pursue my passion, and taught me how to be the best version of myself through patience and compassion. Being my kids’ example of what is possible when you follow your dreams is what Metal Relic is all about.

I work with different steel elements, from fasteners to sheet metal, carefully welding and manipulating the materials to match my vision. The part of the process I enjoy most comes from creating organic forms while preserving the industrial and mechanical aspects of the steel. My art reflects my belief that everyone and everything can have more than one purpose in their lifetime. What you are now should never limit what you can become.

My sculptures are ever-evolving and no two are exactly alike. Knowing that much of my art will be given as gifts makes me feel honored to be a part of that special moment to be passed on for generations to come. You can view some of my art in person at the Kitson Art Gallery in Tunkhannock, PA as well as the Slanted Art Co-Op in Montrose, PA..

Metal Welding Artist Jeremy Werkheiser