Harford Fair 2021: August 16th-21st, 2021

     An exciting time this year at the 2021 Harford Fair in Harford, PA.  It truly was an outstanding experience!  I was amazed at the support and reactions to the entries I received. It was my third time attending as Metal Relic and I was awarded for 5 different contests! 

     The Electric Guitar won 1st Place and Best of Show in the Design in Metalwork category.  The European Deer Mount won 1st Place and the Dozen Roses won 1st Place and Judge's Delight!  These three entries also won the Superintendent's Award of Fine Arts.  This was what from I understand was decided based on a number of factors including the most talked about and the most admired entries.  Metal Relic also won 3rd place for the Vendor Beautification Award which was based on this year's theme of being one of the most memorable vendors out of over 200!

     A big thanks goes and shout out goes to Cindy, Abby and Katie from the Harford Fair for creating such a great experience for me not just as a vendor but also as a patron.  The amount of work and passion that went into everything was not unnoticed.

Metal Relic's Booth at 2021 Harford Fair